SQLSelect Exception

Good afternoon.

Doing a simple query

sq = “select email,fnamex,lname,personid,personno,phone,unitid from person where unitid = ?”
rs = self.db.sqlselect(sq,keyVal)
catch e as iosSqliteException
// exception stuff here
end try

Never gets to exception stuff. App just crashes.

What I am doing is trying to get exception handling to work. To force an error I changed the column “fname” to “fnamex”. I have also turned off BreakOnExceptions at the top of the method.

Of note: the exception handling works when I attempt to do an insert.

Anyone else come across this?


what happens if you try to catch another one?

catch err as RuntimeException

maybe you get another exception (and not an iosSqliteException)?


Good idea!

Back in a bit.

Added a catch for RuntimeException.

Still crashes.

I had a very similar issue recently using SQLite in an iOS application.

you should file a bug report.