"SQLS 6" message

I have a containercontrol that is replicated on every webpage.

This container control permits the user to connect with username and password. Then according to the webpage active, a webpage.show is sent to refresh the page with the data of the costumer.

Yet sometimes everything freezes and i get the “SQLS 6 message” in the debugging Messages panel.

Any clue?

“SQLS 6 T?” is the complete message I get

Debugging panel or messages panel?

IDE or you app?

Freezes and message panel or crashing into the debugger?

Messages panel


Freezes and message panel

Thanks !

Works 2-3 times and then freezes… Only answer is “SQLS6”…

problem seems to be in relation with prepare stamement…

Dim ps As CubeSQLVM

ps = session.EtudeDB.VMPrepare(sql)
ps.BindText(1, lowercase(trim(textfield2.text)))
ps.BindText(2, lowercase(trim(textfield1.text)))
rs = ps.VMselect()

Question #1
What is the content of “SQL”

Question #2
What is “BindText”? there is BIND and BINDTYPE (unless the is something special to CubeSQL)

Question #3
Assuming you made a typo… both BIND and BINDTYPE start at 0 (zero) not at 1 (unless the is something special to CubeSQL)