sqlLite Row ID

Newbe to sqllite

I’m trying to access the row ID of a database with the built-in row did of sqlite

In mysql i would call

RS.Field(“ID”).IntegerValue where there is a user defined fields called “ID”

Is it possible to call the database created rowid of MySQL?



Throws an exception.

You have to specifically select the rowid in the SELECT statement.
(even when using SELECT * it would be SELECT rowid, *) source

It is commonly recommended not to use the SQLite rowid and use your own ID column.

Tim is so good, he has answers to questions that were never asked…

Then again, since the question was never asked, who are we to assume that the answer was correct? :wink:

What if the never asked question was wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

The question was how to get rowid, because Recordset.Field(“rowid”) was having an error.

I’m not sure why the original question was deleted, it was a good question.

Clearly your answer was so good, it blew his mind and he couldn’t risk that happening to others.