SQLiteDatabase and REALSQLDatabase simultaneous


Is it bad if you operate on an rsd file with SQLiteDatabase, and at times with REALSQLDatabase?

Could it cause damage to use both simultaneously on the same db file?


It depends on the versions of the plugins. Newer versions likely have bug fixes for older versions, and depending on whether those bugs were destructive or not…

You can get the internal version of sqlite by getting the Version property of those classes, and then look at the release notes at http://www.sqlite.org, but my instinct would be to use one or the other but not both.


Does the team still work on the REALSQLDatabase plugin? I think there are no bugs in it, because I have had no problems.

Please, can you tell me why I should not use both, if the REAL plugin has no bugs?

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REALSQLDatabase works fine here for some apps. But with newer apps we use SQLiteDatabase.

SQLiteDatabase is successor of REALSQLDatabase and some day REALSQLDatabase will get deprecated.

No - its not getting fixes or updates

It does I can assure you of that - but depending on the version they may be something you are unlikely to run into

If you’re using Xojo you should use the SqliteDatabase and not Realsqldatabase as realsqldatabase uses an old version of the sqlite code base and won’t get updated - that may be problematic.

And one day realsqldatabase will get deprecated & removed and then you will have no choice