is anyone using sqlite3_icu_extension.dylib?

I do. Please ask your question, maybe then we can help :slight_smile:

SELECT * FROM tableName WHERE fldName like ‘%ca%’ ;

I belived the above SELECT, With lib installed, should find all records that contain “ca” or “c”, or “c”, for example,
but the recordset has the same records that without installing the lib.

Thanks Dave, I know LIKE works as SQL statement. As I said in my post it works ok untill now.
The question is that in the database there are values entered in a field as “%ca%”, or “%c%”, and I want to get all record that contains either case in the same set. For this reason I installed the lib.

It might be that the ICU lib simply does not provide the functionality that you want. See the docs here:


  1. It understands between upper/lower for non-ASCII chars, e.g. it knows that “” = lower("").

  2. What you need, however, is “collation”. That may only work if you use the COLLATE instruction as shown later on. Don’t ask me how to use it in your case, though. Since that’s general SQL stuff, I suggest you ask on StackOverflow instead.

Thanks, I realize that I have misunderstood the ICU functionality.
I’ll investigate COLLATE instruction on SQLite