SQLite XOJO2019R3 inconsistency or bug ?


I just created a new project in XOJO 2019 R3 and while doing a prepared statement I get a funny error :

Code is like this :

[code]Var ps As SQLitePreparedStatement
ps = SQLitePreparedStatement(CustomerDB.Prepare(“SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE FirstName LIKE ?”))

ps.BindType(0, SQLitePreparedStatement.SQLITE_TEXT)
ps.Bind(0, TextField1.Text)
Var rs As RowSet = ps.SQLSelect[/code]

Based on the XOJO Docs

Error comes on [quote]Var rs As RowSet = ps.SQLSelect[/code][/quote] and it says [quote]Type mismatch error. Expected class RowSet, but got class RecordSet [/quote] . Is this supposed to happen or is just yet another bug ?

Seeing the details of SQLitePreparedStatement, what we supposed to use now ?


I guess I replied to my own question , Apparently [quote]ps.SQLSelect[/quote] is used for old and [quote]ps.SelectSQL[/quote] is used for the new one.

Not your fault, the LR still use the wrong command ( SQLiteDatabase : db.SQLExecute.