SQLIte: sqlite_stat1 Table added (Who put it there ? Why ?)

Because my project (Stand Alone) crashed at SQLite DB File Open time, I checked what was inside the db file.

I found a TABLE called sqlite_stat1, and in sqlite_master:

table	sqlite_stat1	sqlite_stat1	9	CREATE TABLE sqlite_stat1(tbl,idx,stat)

After a quick search in my project (but I knew the answer before the check): no occurence of sqlite_stat1 found.

Xojo 2015r1
El Capitan 10.11.6 (the sqlite file was created minutes before the Open…)
Windows 10 (current): the crash occured too while trying to open a different sqlite file (created on Windows 10).

Someone knows what happens ?
In fact, I do not care about what happens, only how to remove it,… if this is the crash reason at open time and that have to be proved…

BTW: I did not make any changes to the Open / Write SQLite operations since… around a month, and then, it worked fine.

Ideas ?

Do you some where have an ANALYZE command??

Google “sqlite_stat1” and you will find dozens of explanations

Hi Dave: thanks for your answer.

You are right: I have:

db.SQLExecute("VACUUM;") db.SQLExecute("ANALYZE;")

Sorry for the burden.

I may have added it (ANALYZE) for understanding purposes and forget about it. Or read in this forum and wanted to know, then foolishly saved the project…