sqlite server windows

Yeah, I wasn’t proposing it as a solution for all. I was just sharing what I do in some cases.

How about concurrency, audit trails, user access and so on. Have you designed your app as a multiuser app that happens to be able to run single user or what?

Have you considered Studo Stable? This is a client/server SQLite database with multi-users.

i have Studio Stable but have some problems with speed.
i am working on it to see what is the problem.

In most cases where you buy a multi user package these days it does not include the database server. And if they already have a database server, they expect to be able to use your package on it.

yes… my application already cater for things like that… for my ACMS application, just one to generate both single and multiuser. if the client decide they want modification, only then create a new folder for them.