SQLite: search string in a DB (not in a specific Column)

The subject says all (nearly).

If this looks stupid to your eyes, express yourself. While writing this question, I found a usable example (read below and *).

I want to create a window that will return Records based on asked string (usual feature), but for unknow reason, I want to be a-ble to seach in all Columns not to a single one.

I searched, but find nothing.

The idea is… if you have a Music Records Data Base and want to get all entries concerning (not only by) The Beatles, I can display them.

Example (fictional entry, but why not ?): The Temptations plays The Beatles.
This belongs to the Title (or Name) Column while The Beatles belong to the Artist Name column.

Of course, knowing how that industry works, I also will want to get … say a Producer work (Phil Spector for example worked with so many People / Groups / Record Companies…)

  • And if I imagine a Data Base with the songs lyrics, I may want to be able to get all songs that hold the word Josephine (for ex.).

Did I skip something? Ideas to share ?

I believe you are looking for Full Text Search:

Thanks Jeremie, I will read the article.