SQLite Insert Row Date

Trying to take the advice of the wise sages on this forum, I am not going to continue to use the NewRecord class and instead use the SQL INSERT INTO… Command.

But I’m have trouble with dates and booleans.

TransactionDate is a table field defined as DATE. TransDate is a DATE variable.

sSQL = "SQL INSERT INTO TestTable (TransactionDate, Posted) Value (" + TransDate + ", " + bPosted + ")"

How do I specify a Date field and Boolean field in the values list?

sSQL = "SQL INSERT INTO TestTable (TransactionDate, Posted) Value ('" + TransDate.SQLDATE + "',' " + Str(bPosted) + "')"

This should work… Xojo function


should return a valid date value and boolean

SQLite uses 0/1

if you use SQL directly to extract data, treat it as STRING results

NOTE : the example above could be prone to SQL Injection, use PREPARED statements in production code

Use preparedstatements. It wiil secure against sql injection and make your code more readable.

Without prepared statements you should set a boolean as 0 of 1 in sqlite. Date is a string from Date.SQLDateTime or so.