Sqlite EncryptionKey

how do you save/use the EncryptionKey if you would publish a app that each user can define his own EncryptionKey.
or would u use it as login input and transform it as hash value?
and what if this login it forgotten.
this database should also open at different devices.

i made a password memory tool mainly for myself but i like to share it later perhaps.

You don’t need to save the key… the database knows what it is (in a hashed state)
If it is forgotten… then you are screwed, same as forgetting the password to most anything else
Since the database contains the password… it will work on any device (assuming the software uses the same SQLite encryption method that Xojo does [note : not all do])

The application must supply the encryption key at the time the app connects to the database, and should almost always be manually supplied by the user (ie. don’t attempt to store it)