SQLite db file: about Creation and Modification dates

My pro bono application that runs on windows XP use an sqlite file.

Each time I ask for the sqlite file, I get a file that have the same creation and modification date and I do not know why.

Under WINDOWS, is it a normal behavior ?


Curious, what is the creation date?

Hi Tim,

exact same date for both dates (creation and modification) *.

Note: this computer is infected by a strange virus who seems to use a script (there is a file who have a script icon who is constently created / recreated after I trash it). The script set the files as invisibles when copied to an USB memory key. I get the file using an AppleScript (!) who allow the selection of the invisible file in the key and copy it in my MacBook Pro.

In what can be called a NAG Screen, I display some data (charity association user logo, Name / Address and more important, specs about the base: creation / modification dates, # or entries, etc.-. That screen is a real information screen, not a reminder to pay anything or an advertising for its creator (me).