SQLite db encrypt with nonce

Does the Xojo SQLite database encrypt function use the nonce as suggested by SQLabs ?

If so, how is the nonce accessed through Xojo ?

Reference:- https://www.sqlite.org/see/doc/trunk/www/readme.wiki

Thanks in advance !
Tony Barry

Any thoughts ?

Tony Barry

Since nobody answered your topic in almost 7 days, the chances are that nobody has an answer for you. You will find that 99.9% of all topics are answered quickly if someone has insight into the question asked.

Xojo does use an SQLite Approved Encryption method and it is part of the SQLite/Xojo framework already. How (or if) a Nonce is part of that I do not know, but I do know that using the standard framework there is no way to “extend” the current encyption method. Not saying that other external SQLite engines may or may not exist that can be used for Xojo, because there probably are. But if you need more secure encyption that is offered, I might suggest that SQLite is not the database engine to consider.

Hi David,

Many thanks for your post. Yes, it looks like nobody has this kind of answer.

Tony Barry

Xojo uses See encryption. Not sure what Nonce is.

Reading the link you posted, nonce is generated randomly for each page. The nonce itself isn’t useful unless you’re trying to decrypt a page, which the SEE extension does automatically.

As to Xojo using the nonce, the ‘reserved bytes’ value returns 12 on an encrypted database, which indicates that the nonce is present on each page.