SQLite DB: duplicate Record created at modified time

A client is bugging me since last year (or the previous one) about a duplicate Record added at Modifying time.

I was unable to see that by myseft, replicate it here with both an i5 and recetrly a M1.

He showed me on its (old) MacBook Pro (MBP) some minutes ago.

The old Record was still here. So when he goes to the toilets, I checked on its MBP, changing the Case of a Name (from ALL UPPERCASE to TitleCase) and Modify.

The bug appears in its splendour… When he made the case changes, he added (or must I say the Computer added) a space character that was not so visible then. But the two records in adjacent Rows display the error.

So, I added two lines in the LostFocus Event to remove any unwanted Space (TRIM and Replace 2 spaces with only one…)

Now, you know where to find two similar Rows (Records) where a difference can be:
First nameLast Name

or anywhere else where text is involved…

Ideally first and last name should be in separate columns(fields). Just a suggested normalization rule. This will avoid this type of error.

It shouldn’t.

How do you handle your modification of the record? Are you annotating the record id being edited and updating the same record? Are you using SQL or other means like RowSet.EditRow()? Do your record have a proper rowId as Primary index?