SQLite db application export


I am thinking at what can happens to the data after I will left an application to the client’s hands.

Specifically, what must I add in the application to ease the client when (s)he will want to left my application.

I have actually set an export to text feature (Tab / Return raw text file) and a print (to pdf) exists.
What must I add ?

Advices are welcome.

If you mean when the user leaves your application permanently, then other than letting them export the data to a text or pdf file is all you need to do. If they want you to export to a specific format other than that, ask them to pay for the extra effort.

If you are really nice, add a feature to read in the data from the file just in case they decide to come back.

Thanks for your answer Dale.

Already done.

In fact, there are two ways to import data:

a. Import the original file as Excell export (RAW Text)
This is an improved import: it check many things (date format), remove extra spaces, etc.

b. Import the exported file (in fact, any raw text file following the correct line / row format).
This is a simple import: what is read is imported in the data base file.

At last, I added a text scanning / report errors / export to b format Window, accessed from a MenuItem in the File menu. So, the user can see offending data (date with two //, wrong month/day order) and eventually change it (or not as in the case of very long First / Second / Family name).

I do everything I could think of to ease a (more than a basic) correct data base file contents. But, once the import process is done, that work is up to the users.

The raw text output order of the Columns may be optimized, but since it is possible to set it at import time…