SQLite database in user’s storage / iCloud

Applications like Bear and Apple Notes use a SQLite database that is synced across the user’s devices, by storing it in iCloud.

NB: I’m not referring to iCloud Drive.

For my new project (not notes) I need such storage. I don’t want to use a client-server database.

Is there an example project or article in which this is explained?

Have you tried NSUbiquitousKeyValueStoreMBS class in MBS Xojo Plugins?
Allows you to store values in system database, which gets synchronized.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t want to use third party plug-ins.

Just please note that NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore is not intended and designed to “sync (medium-large amount of) data”.

Most often this is used to sync “user preferences” accross devices - so just a couple of key/value-settings. But not “data(bases)”, such as the OP asked for.

See: NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore - Apple Documentation

The total amount of space available in your app’s key-value store, for a given user, is 1 MB. There is a per-key value size limit of 1 MB, and a maximum of 1024 keys.

Yes, Ubiquitous store is more for preferences or settings.

But we also have functions to query folder or use CloudKit functions to store data in our plugins.