SQLite Database Browser / Tool

I have inherited a ton of data from some unknown database, but I was able to migrate it into SQLite.

Now I will need to do a ton of work with it to figure out all the relationships and test. While I can obviously write all the code to do this, I want to save some time.

Has anyone on this list made a SQLite database tool (commercial or free) that is worth evaluating?

Thanks in advance.

For working with SQLite databases that are encrypted I use https://sqlabs.com/sqlitemanager but it has no dark mode so I don’t use it for anything else.

I’m a big fan of TablePlus for everything else https://tableplus.io


And a free online one:

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i use https://sqlitebrowser.org

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I use DBeaver. Not free but it can handle multiple database types. Sql and postgres are the ones I use it for. It has a lot features but is easy to use. The cost $99 or $199? might seem high but for all of the features combined with the time savings make it worth it. Will not open xojo password protected dbs though.

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It do not wanted to open my .sqlite file; I changed the file extension to sql and it stopped at “Near “SQLite”: syntax error” (and highlight if I can say that SQLite format 3 (3 in red).

Another ?

I loved the online concept (as well as the old Firefox extensions, but hélas…)

Around 50MB… Made with Xojo (or does it also do Coffee) ? :wink:

TablePlus is made for Mac, Windows, and Linux with the platform native tools on each!

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I use Navicat for all kind of databases I use, like MS SQL, SQLite, Postgress and MySQL. One tool for all for Mac and Windows.


I was stopped by a stupid and unknow thing: how do I open my db file ?

Connection = Open ? (as in Open a file ?)

Too complex for my old brain :wink:
(probably a tool for a pro)

+1 for navicat

The pro version also has tools for visualizing the table relationships.

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I use pro, and mostly start drawing an ERD and keep track of the design by synchronizing.

I thunk the Community Edition is but only supports SQLite and not all of the features available on the paid version.

i use the sqlitemenage from sqlabs all my rb/rs/xojo life… i only use the valentina studio when i do the application for ms sql.

I made mine long ago using xojo of course.


Very nice Jean-Yves.

The color of the NameIDs is too light for my eyes (and thus for some others too): too few contrast… not a matter of like or dislike.

I’m cheating a little here… because I mainly use postgres, my app is almost complete for it,
but is missing a lot of features for sqlite… like making foreignkeys.
I have to make them using a sql query. or use some free tool for it. or delete the table and make it again. sqlite is really lacking a lot of structure methods.

if I could get all my users to just use Postgres, I’d be a happy man. Alas there are a ton of SQL Server people out there too, and SQLite is perfect for stand-alone solutions.

Your app looks great.