SQLite 3.24.0 question

According to the release notes, 2018R3 comes with the SQLite plugin for version 3.24.0.
Once you connect to a SQLite single file, you see a *.db-shm and a *.db_wal file appearing next to the *.db file.
Up till now, those file got removed when closing the connection, but with 2018R3 these, expected temporary files don’t get removed when closing the connection or closing the entire application. I am on Win10.
Anybody else seeing the same ?

And found the cause.
With previous version I could just quit the application and the proper closing of the connection was don for me.
From now on I need to put a “Db.Close” just before quiting the application.

Would that not hint that the object is not destructed now ? As in is leaked…

I imagine close was and is called on destruction on the object.

I thought that Joost was right, but it seems that windows doesn’t directly show the result of removing the files. Trying it for several times, i have seen that the filebrowser still showed the files but after a refresh all temp-files were gone.

Now it is, so issue solved properly.
Previously I seem to assume the database object properly closing on destroy of my database class.
In fact it’s better being strict to have precise control over everything.