SQLDatabaseMBS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Linux

Any luck connecting to PostgreSQL or MYSQL on Linux using Christian’s SQL Database Plugin?
I’ve got CubeSQL,SQLite and Microsoft SQL working well, but am struggling with the last two (the most important two in my opinion).

Any help would be appreciated.

Maybe @David_Cox can help?

Otherwise where is the problem?

I was able to get this working for Windows (no plugin needed) and macOS (using and IP address and Christian’s libtdsodbc.dylib file, but not Linux (even with Christian’s libtdsodbc.so file).

This is working for Windows (needs libpq.dll file), for macOS (needs a special version of libtdsodbc.dylib as the normal version fails AppStore submission) and for Linux (needs the three files: libcrypto.so.1.0.0, libpq.so.5.6 and libssl.so.1.0.0).

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ok, I had a late night with the an am crossing my wires. I emailed Christian with misinformation.

In fact I’ve managed to connect to Microsoft SQL Server from Linux, but I had to install a package to do so (wouldn’t work with local libraries).

I have tried everything I could to connect to Postgres and MySQL, but I’m failing. I’ll double check the libraries.

Well, first is to either use libraries you provide, the linux distribution provides or the built-in.
e.g. for PostgreSQL I made the InternalPostgreSQLLibraryMBS module and it should come with Linux.

On the website I also have a collection of various Library files:

Sometimes newer or older versions work better.

I’ll hunt for the Linux Postgres libraries online. They aren’t in that link you referenced.

Also that function you reference has a warning on the page: “This item is deprecated and should no longer be used. You can use postgres driver libraries instead.”

For MySQL all you need is libmysqlclient.so.18.0.0

Here are my PostgreSQL libraries in a folder called lib64.

The module is a bit outdated. But otherwise still works.