sql server plugin not supported on this platform

I was trying to access my online database and I got the above error…
I was on professional RB when xojo came around and so I have totally the
mySQLserver plugin

What gives?
This is on the Mac by the way
I’m using it to access wordpress tables and it was working at one stage

The MS SQL Server is a windows only plugin.


The other database types work on mac/win/linux

You could try ODBC to the microsoft database.
Or use MBS SQL Plugin with freetds.

It looks to me like Sean is using mySQL, not MS SQL.

mySQL works fine on OS X

No, the error indicates MS SQL Server.

But yet, Sean is making reference to the mySQL and community version plugins?

Maybe it isn’t for Sean.

Well, on Mac OS X you can use our SQL Plugin with freetds lib to connect to MS SQL Server.