Spotlight-similar window

I was wondering if is it possible to recreate a window like Spotlight window on Mac OS Yosemite, actionable via Key-Shortcut.


With MBS plugins this is easy to do.
There are some examples (both creating such window and hotkeys)

example pure xojo

press ESC to close window

Thanks for the feedbacks!
Can the search box be made with rounded corners? Maybe with declares?


For the rounded corners, make the window transparent then draw the background in paint

For the HotKey, I assume you want a global hotkey that can be triggered anywhere. I use a trimmed down module originally from Thomas Tempelmann. Simply call Install with the key, combined modifiers and a callback method to handle the action. Those parameters need to be in arrays so it looks like this for a single hotkey…

[code]dim keys(), modifiers() As integer, callbacks() As Hotkeys.delHotKeyAction

keys.Append 40 //Keycode for “k”
modifiers.Append Hotkeys.cmdKey + HotKeys.optionKey //command+option
callbacks.Append AddressOf handleShowWindow

Hotkeys.Install(keys, modifiers, callbacks)[/code]
As long as the app is running then pressing Command+Option+K will trigger that method. In this demo it just shows the window, but the window is coming up behind others. I tried adding an orderFront declare but it’s not bringing it all the way front :frowning:

App.Open installs the hotkey and has the callback
Window.Open and Paint does the corners

Thank you very very much, guys! Your answers were tremendously helpful!