SplitView in iPhone 6 Plus Landscape

I am trying to re-do my app in Xojo iOS and seem can’t work around the SplitView in iPhone 6 Plus. Apple default the SplitView to show both views in the iPhone 6 Plus in landscape orientation, with all other iPhone in single view. However, in Xojo iOS, it seems that iPhone 6 Plus landscape is defaulted to the single view. Am I missing something, or not doing it right? I am thinking this is limited by the iPhoneScreen’s Content setting that can only be set to only one view, either the Master or Detail and this apply to all iPhone 6 Plus landscape also?

Edited: To correct to iPhone 6 Plus, instead of iPhone 6s.

Yes because Xojo iOS still supports iOS 7 which does not support a split view on phones

Hi Norman,

Tks for your reply.

But it is not good news to me.