Splitting Text into Text Fields Help

Hi All,

is there any way to split the following into two different text fields ?

If i had a value of 10.7 and i wanted Textfield1.text to take the 10 and Textfield2.text to that the 7


[code]Dim ResultingText(-1) As String

ResultingText = SourceText.Split(".")

TextField1.Text = ResultingText(0)
TextField2.Text = ResultingText(1)[/code]

Hi Sascha

When i run that i get an error.

Do i need to set the SourceText as the The Original TextFiled e.g. TextField 0 or do i need to make a variable?



Don’t Worry Fixed it

Sorry, was not online. Glad you fixed it.

For the reference: Yes, this is also a String Variable. You can use any string (no array) input for the Split Method.