Split View Can't Set Tab Content in IDE

I’m finally tackling the iPad version of my app. My iPhone version is a tab bar app so I want my iPad version to be the same but using Split content with Tabs on the Left (Main) and my detail views on the Right (Detail).

The problem is that in order to specify the Left Tab x Content and the Right (Detail) Content in the Screen Layout section of the iPadScreen, I need to be able to select each tab. And I can’t !!!

There seems to be some IDE issue that prevents me from selecting anything save for Tab 0 which is selected by default. Am I just too physically challenged to work this out or is this a bug? Can the iPadScreen Layout be setup in code? Am I the only one using this? Is anybody still listening? :wink:

Clicking on the tab labels should switch the tab then you can select what content view to use in the inspector

Yes it works that way Norman unless you set:

Content: Split
Left (Main): Tabs

If you do that, clicking on the tab labels in the iPadScreen does not switch the tab in the Screen Layout section. This even occurs in the SplitViewExample project supplied with Xojo if you change the Screen Layout so that Left (Main) is set to Tabs.

That is what I did

this might sound odd but try rotating
I did this landscape

It’s got to be landscape as otherwise you can’t even see the tabs in Split mode. Are you sure you have Content set to Split and Left (Main) set to Tabs? I can select tab 1 when I have content set to Tabs but not when Content is set to Split and Left (Main) is set to Tabs.

Using 2.2 (I have 3 screens and the IDE opened the window on the main monitor instead of the one I was recording)
See for yourself

I’m on my Macbook Air (at home today) and I only see part of the iPadScreen in landscape mode. That appears to be the only difference between what I’m doing and what you’re doing. Could this be related to needing to scroll the representation of the iPadScreen within the window?

its possible there s bug in the scrolling + hit detection

edit : just tried this and indeed that seems to be the problem

edit 2: see <https://xojo.com/issue/39622> which I think describes the behavior

Yep, that’s it. Is there any way for me to set the tab content on my 13" screen? I guess I could edit the project file directly…?

Have SVN, Git etc ?
If not I’m not sure I’d do that
But with the bug I cant think of an alternative

Yeah we use Git, but you’ve got me worried about it now so I think I’ll wait until I go back to the office next week where I’ve got a 27" iMac.

Oh if you have git you can alway roll your change back and undo it
Thats why I asked
I’m just not sure you’ll know WHAT to set things to to get the effect you want

Well that was going to be my next question to you… :wink:

@Norman Palardy I was able to set the Tab Content in the IDE on my 27" iMac but now I have another issue. It seems that while the Left Tab x Content can be set to a different view for each tab, the Right (Detail) cannot. I have 4 “entities” in my app, one per tab, and each has a separate detail view. Is there a way to set this up in the IDE or at runtime?

You dont want the right hand side to also be tabs IF I’m understanding you right (yes ?)
When your app runs when you click the left tab you want to be able to select the right detail view from one of many
You’ll have to do that in code
There’s no way to set that up just in the IDE

To be honest I’m not sure what that’d look like to do IN the IDE or whether it wouldn’t make it more confusing

Edit: yes you are understanding me right - I don’t want the right side to also be tabs, just to be a detail view that changes based on the particular master view selected in the tabs on the left.

The first time around I actually did think I was setting it up this way because as I tapped on each tab in the left pane, the Left Tab 1 Content view was changing and I thought the Right (Detail) view setting immediately below it was also changing. But of course I now realise that this setting doesn’t change.

How would I change the detail view? I can’t set the value of self.ParentSplitView.Detail at runtime.

Its late
I’ll look at this in the AM as we did this for the XDC app

Thank you Norman. Much appreciated.

Hi @Norman Palardy . Any luck?