Split/Join and Subarrays?

Is there a way to use join on parts of an array? Like "join( anArray, StartingIndex, LastIndex )?

Or could one slice a big array into subarrays?

Maybe this :

Function JoinSubArray(anArray() as string, StartingIndex as integer, LastIndex as integer, separator as string) As String anArray(startingIndex) = "[startToken]"+anArray(startingIndex) anArray(LastIndex) = anArray(LastIndex)+"[endToken]" dim result as string = join(anArray, separator) dim depart as integer = instr(result, "[startToken]") dim fin as Integer = instr(result, "[endToken]") return mid(result, depart+12, fin-depart-12) End Function

msgbox JoinSubArray(myArray, 3, 7, EndOfLine)

I had the same issue a short time ago. The fastest in my case was to loop over the array from startIndex to endIndex and to append the elements to the new (sub-)array. Appending was even faster than creating the sub-array, then using ReDim on it, and loop from startIndex to endIndex while assigning the element.