Split and CHR(13)

I would like to split a block of text into a table or array.
Each line has a return at the end of it.
I was going to read the text until I came to Return but I didn’t notice CHR available to IOS.
what would the syntax be to achieve something like the following

line = t.Split(char(13))


@Martin Fitzgibbons: I think you want to do something like this:

Dim Lines() As Text = TextResponse.Split(&u0A)

That will give you an array of Text, based on the lines in the text file - assuming that you’re trying to parse the file from your other thread (http://www.sallyfitz.com/AppVideoClips.txt). “&u0A” is equivalent to Chr(10), which is how the lines break in that file.

Hey Tim and Jason, both worked a treat, just what I was after. Thanks again for taking the time to reply as you might have guessed it’s been a while :slight_smile:

Note : the OP mentioned chr(13) which is &u0D
but for most native iOS files &u0A is in fact the correct line ending…

Read the LR for DESKTOP and it explains the differences (ENDOFLINE) … (just for educational purposes, as iOS doesn’t use that function, but the explanation is still valid)