SPI+I2C for Ubilinux

At this moment we are developing nice sotware/hardware products for large buildings.
In the past we did some research with Rpi but that thing is to vulnarable and we have chosen the UPboard.
We run Xojo (intel) daemons on top of Ubilinux.
Up is moving forward and we are very happy with our choice.

Because UP is creating their 3rd Intel board we have a new product in mind.
With this new small board we don’t have to use UART to other MCU’s to do some special tasks.
The UPcore has a 100pin GPIO.

My question:

Who can make a plugin for such an Intel board running Ubilinux.
The most important thing of this Xojo plugin would be SPI and I2C communication.

Please give me some info about your ideas and the costs to create such plugin/wrapper for Xojo.


Maybe @Christian Schmitz or @Björn Eiríksson

I was looking at them and was thinking about getting one to try.

Note that does not mean I would make a plugin, I don’t really do consulting work nor have I ever charged for Linux plugins (All our demo plugins run as full versions on Linux). But it would mean I would test the board and maybe do something.

They do not seem to have any “Package” in stock right now.

And what is the difference in the new board and their old boards ? Is it the 100 GPIO vs something less ? or something else ?

And then the big question why do you choose x86 over high end ARM ? (when talking of high end then of course not including the turtle slow and underperforming Raspberry PI’s)

One more thing here, creating GPIO library in plugin is somewhat horrible idea because Xojo creates wrapper methods around Plugin methods that yield and do background tasks.

I have been meaning for a while to put in feature request on that one since I have had number of issues because of it (and of course it will also slow plugins a lot sometimes at critical points). So I went ahead and posted the feature request now at:

47401 - Add pragmas to the plugin wrapper methods that Xojo creates

Why UP?
I hate Pi and the UP was exactly for what I was searching for.
It’s Intel and Xojo is performing very well on a x86.

Let’s say, We play for save and a some higher price isn’t important for us.
We use the UART’s to communicate with MCU’s to do ‘some tasks’.

The UPcore will be produced in June/July this year.
The UPsquared will be delivered in May and this board has also more pins.

For now we are using the ‘normal’ UPboard and use the GPIO40 pinout without the SPI/I2C part of it because I don’t know how :slight_smile:

How exactly Xojo can be connected to SPI/I2C we don’t care as long as it is very stable and ‘accepted’ by Ubilinux 3.0 or newer.

Maybe the results of a Xojo wrapper for an UPboard or the UPsquared will be usefull for the UPcore.
The UPsquared has also a second 60pin GPIO with a lot of options.

I think, if we had a wrapper for the MRAA library we can do everything with Ubilunix/GPIO on the UPboard and beyond.