I am using the SPEAK command to call some phrases from a game… there are a few where I have to “spell” them differently to get a better pronunciation… this is not a problem… with the exception of one word…

The computer wants to pronounce is as “bending at the waist” version of the spelling… or as in “Bow-Wow”
where I need it to be “a ribbon tied on a gift” (ie. a “long O” sound") or as in “Bow-Tie”

anyone got an idea as to what “word” I can use to get the pronunciation I need?

Try “bo”.

well the OSX says “boo”, and the iOS one says “Bee Oh” :frowning:



On iOS I hear bo as the bow in bow-tie when using AVSpeechUtterance.


  myUtterance = AVSpeechUtterance(string: msg)
            myUtterance.rate = 0.5

says “BEE OH”

this is still “BOW WOW” type …

I only hear Bee Oh if I capitalize both letters. Make sure you aren’t doing that

Which voice are you using? US? UK? Scottish?