SpecialFolders on a Mac query

Almost certainly due to " quotes (chr 34) being replaced by curly quotes (ascii whatever) along the way.
Glad you got a result in the end

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I already forget the previous numbering shema… I’m tired. I need a nap !

I’ve seen this numerous times in this forum. I even wonder whether it’s not automatic.

I’m not sure about that, Jeff. I can’t think how my problem could have involved quote marks, on my side anyway. The files (eg “w13.txt”) all worked, it was just the folders that didn’t, when they were created on the Mac or copied across on the Mac instead of being created programatically by Xojo.

Creating them on the Mac, I would either create a duplicate and then delete “.copy” after dragging the folder to somewhere else, or create a new folder on the Mac (right click, click on New Folder, enter new name) so I never used any quote marks at all.

I still think it’s a problem down to the OS, I’m waiting for my iMac to kick the bucket so I can get a cheap big TV screen and drive it using an HDMI cable from my laptop running Monterey 12.4 at the moment. But Macs just don’t seem to want to die. Can’t blame them, I suppose. Apart from my trip to Australia, I don’t think I’ve even turned my iMac off for three or four years.

Red Herring.
You mentioned an error in the code.
Compare the quotes here

g=f.child(“folderA”) // will error!


g=f.child("folderA") // straight quotes

It’s hard to spot, but if you get an error from examples in the forum and don’t know this can happen…

I know what you mean, Jeff. In fact as a former newspaper sub-editor I often had the problem the other way round and had to replace “computer quotes” with curly quotes. Most of the things I write on forums such as this, however, I write in a text application like TextEdit and then cut and paste it so it’s quite possible that the application converts the quotes - not a good thing in this context. Of course I don’t do that when working in Xojo and have now realised that it is best to use Xojo to write any code to be posted and then to apply the pre-formatted button in this forum. I suspect Xojo will convert any curly quotes pasted into a method but you never know… Cheers.