SpecialFolder.Resources // API 2.0

With the SpecialFolder module we have two ways to access the resources folder.


The second makes my code more consistent since I’d be accessing children of that as well. The first has the benefit of being shorter.

I was wondering if there might be a technical reason to use one or the other? Is one faster than the other?

I was also wondering if that might mean SpecialFolder.Resources was deprecated?

I would love an official answer from staff, but I’m hoping for any information I can gather :slight_smile:

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I’m not specifically sure why we have both, probably an artifact of merging in Xojo.IO.SpecialFolder during API 2.0 changes.

Anyway, looks like Resource is equivalent to Resources.Child, so no real benefit of one over the other.

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@Paul_Lefebvre on another note, but related to API v2. Why do timers in web have an Action event but on Desktop the event is called run? I don’t get the sense of this (yet).

Thom actually filed a feedback ticket about that.

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Thank you for the hint! Though the answer to Thom is not fully satisfying, unless this reads as such: timer for Desktop is not yet translated to API2 :-). I bumped into this while converting a desktop app to a web app. The good news: it was overfall easy and fast, but I was surprised about this particular difference, as it doesn’t make sense IMHO.

Yes. Exactly.

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Excellent! I was only picky about consistency. That not everything can be achieved in one release is of course normal.