SpecialFolder Help files location

Where are the Help files located per SpecialFolders?


I looked. It’s not there

What do you mean to find there? “help files per specialFolders?”

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Which help files?

Where do help files go? Which folder?

Sorry. The ones that are stored in a Special folder

if you mean help files for your application, then you can store them in the resources folder.

I have one help file in my app, an HTML file, I just drag/dropped it into the navigation pane and so (on the Mac) it goes into the Resources folder.

Thanks for the tip. I didn’t realize that was the process. Sometimes GUI isn’t user friendly.

Will it work with a whole folder and subfolder?

No. You can use a CopyFileStep for that Just after Build (in the navigator, on the bottom use right mouse button on Windows, Mac or Linux target).