Special window layout for macOS and Windows, how to create

Hi all,

Please help me to create a layout that looks like the attached image. I’d like to divide the window into two sections like the example with the left and right part having different Colors on the title bar as well. Additionally I’d like to create an overlay that looks like the one on the right side.

I need layouts like this for macOS and Windows. Maybe someone knows an example for Windows that has similar functionality.

Thank you very much!

I only do macOS.

The left side has a listbox. The round selection can be done with the discontinued Ohanaware AppKit or the MBS plugin. The left side also is transparent. There are declares somewhere in the forum.

The overlay windows don’t really work in Xojo. But they are on the feature list.

The left pane can be achieved using NSVisualEffectView.
The titles and bordless top can be achieved using NSView/NSWindow
The popup needs NSPopover.

So you need declares or MBS plugins.

Thank you both!

Not quite the answer I was hoping for, but I’ll be fine.