Special Offer to the Xojo Community

As a longtime member of the Xojo community and frequent XDC attendee I would like to offer all the members of this forum a 10% discount on our vacation rental home in Costa Rica.

The house has 4 air-conditioned bedrooms and can sleep 8 to 10. It is located in Manuel Antonio which is the country’s most popular destination. There is plenty to do for all ages and desired activity levels…. surfing, white water rafting, fishing, scuba, hiking, ATV tours and more… or just hang out by the pool and watch the monkeys jump through the trees… but watch out, they will steal your lunch when you are not looking. The house is walking distance to ATMs/banks, grocery stores and many excellent restaurants.

You can find more information at our local manager’s web site: http://www.villascr.com/property/3307

Google map: https://www.google.co.cr/maps/place/Casa+Capuchin/@9.4009968,-84.1679804,15.46z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x8fa17163f38ff42b:0x96b39f41f50f505f!8m2!3d9.4027834!4d-84.1582292

The offer is good for this July through end of November. Please contact me via private conversation if you are interested.

Jim Meyer

PS: We do have broadband WiFi in the house…. and believe it or not we now have a fiber connection…. It is currently only being used for the phone line but will soon be connected to the WiFi.

With respect, but is this not violating the forum rules?

It’s in off-topic, and directed and relevant to members of the Xojo community, so I don’t see how. I, for one, appreciate the offer and might take Jim up on it.

I cleared it with Dana before I posted it.

@James Meyer ,

Sorry, my mistake. Your offer is surely appreciated. Despite the fact it is impossible for me, I thank you very much for your very nice gesture to our fellow community members.


Maybe Kem can fly us there on his private jet :stuck_out_tongue:

Which one though?


Not the old 2017 model…the new one you got last week :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmph, like I’d keep an old 2017 model.

They are currently expanding the local airport to handle small jets… saves driving from San Jose…

Hey Kem, If you fly my wife and I down there you can stay at the house for free… even in the 2017 model.

Well heck then… I’m in!! Kidding aside, it’s a nice looking place!!