Special characters when saving data from excel sheet

In a program made in Xojo, I paste information from an excel sheet and save it in Postgres 9.6. When I add that information to the report, it prints special characters.

How to avoid special characters when save

I work with valentina report 6.3 and xojo 2015 r2, at the moment i have no possibility to update xojo.


Those squares represent the TABs that make the columns.
2 squares before the 1.-DESCRUDE because it start in column 3.
You can remove/replace the TABs before saving. It all depends on what you want to use for your report. If you remove the TABs then you will not know what information is on each column.

Hello alberto.

I need to keep the spaces, as it is in the image of the data retrieved from the database, but not print the squares (tab)

I don’t have experience with Valentina Report to know if there is a way to create columns or how to send the information.

I guess is that what you want when you said “keep the spaces” as in: the information formatted with variable space between them so everything is aligned in columns.