Speaking using alternative devices?


I’m trying to use the speech engine (Mac OS X) to speak to a specific audio device (not necessarily the default one).
With sounds, that’s doable using the CoreAudio classes (using the MBS plugin), but I can’t find how to do that with speech, even the MBS plugin (NSSpeechSynthetizerMBS class) doesn’t seem to provide this.
I’m overlooking something?

The Mac speech API support the notion:


…but the Xojo implementation is left as an exercise to the original poster. :wink:

Thank you. Time to dig into declares :wink:


The NSSpeechSynthetizerMBS class doesn’t provide a handle to the synthetizer, so declares are helpless.
Christian, would it be possible to supply the handle (or better yet, to allow setting the device to speak to), please?

FWIW, NSSpeechSynthesizer does not seem to support device control, but AVSpeechSynthesizer appears to allow it. If MBS has a plug-in for that…

Hmm… I was afraid of that. Indeed, MBS has no AVSpeechSynthetizer and they’re not the same thing.

Thanks for your answer. I’ll remove the speech functionality in my app; it’s not mandatory.