Speak using different language?

Hi all,

my system is set to English, but some text I have is German or French.

I want my app to speak the text but with the proper pronounciation - however I see no way to tell my app to use a specific language.

Anyone knows if this can be done? Any pointers?



Please make sure you have at least one localized constant for German and French.
Otherwise your app will be in English.

Thanks, but Localization is not the problem.

I’m dealing with text in several languages within my app, and I want my app to speak these texts in the proper language (imagine visually impaired people selecting a language, the appropriate text is added to a textarea, and then there is the option to speak the text aloud). German with an English pronunciation is horrible.

Anything in MBS for this usage case?

Oh, sorry.

Please use NSSpeechSynthesizerMBS and set the voice you need.
Our NSVoiceMBS class has property for language of voice.

Great! Thanks, will have a look!

Btw I presume NS… means Mac only? Anything for Windows and Linux too?

Using macoslib (see MacSpeechSynthesizerExample) I set voices to speak texts in different languages. In your case, you could load only the voices you need, and let them speak your texts.
Caveat: macoslib 64 bit: MacSpeechSynthesizerExample does not work, but using its code in a new app works; only voice-rate wont work.


can you share the macoslib 64 bit URL (for both new comers and oldsters who forgot it)?


We have a Windows speech class, too.

For Windows, you can look here:

Emile, here it is: