Speak = Unexpected Compiler error [11] Error found while compiling on line 1

I recently moved to a new MacBook Pro with the M1 Max processor, and am doing my first build with Xojo 2021 R2.1. Everything has been working great, including using the Run command both locally on the MBP and remotely to my Windows laptop.

The weird part comes when I’m building the finished apps (Mac and Windows).

When I click the build button, the process seems to go fine until it says “Compiler error [11] Error found while compiling on line 1. Continue”"

In my build steps, I have a script that consists solely of this line:

System.Speak(“Build Complete.”)

Commenting this out, there’s no error message. Has something about the System.Speak command changed when used as a build step?

AFAIK System.Speak doesn’t work in XojoScript.

Speak("Build Complete.")

Use it in all my projects for a Build Script to auto-save before running:

Speak( "Saving" )
DoCommand( "SaveFile" )

I also use Speak, never tried System.Speak though.

Bingo! Speak works fine, System.Speak raises the error. Always learning something new here!