Speak (txt2speech) on the different OS's

If I understood correctly Speak command works differently on the different OS’s, so what works on Windows may not work on OSX or Linux
but I havent found anything on the documentation.
Anyone can clarify please or maybe I just didnt understand something

Speak should work on Mac just fine.

If you need more, check the Speech Topic on our MBS Plugins:

Your Parlonow project speaks fine on Mac OS X.

I’m working with the Speak command and trying to create a “Silent” function, that is different from a Mute function in that it only stops what is currently queued up to speak, not all future lines to speak (it just shuts it up for the moment). I tried sending a Speak "", True but it seemed to have no effect on what was already in the queue. I also want to use either the Sound and/or PlayNote and have the same ability to stop the current output. Is there a way of muting the computer until the queue is done and how do I know when the queue is done?

If you want to pause the queue then YOU have to handle the queue yourself (so send items to the speak command when YOU want them to be spoken).

For a pause in spoken output try

For i as integer = 0 to 10 Speak " " Next

That’s a short pause, try 20 for about 1 sek