Spaghetti Code, Lasagne and the Bechamel Sauce incident.

Looking at some of my code, I certainly would have say that I have issues. I have too many globals, too many points of interaction - variables with unknown results etc…

Therefore, I thought the “Lasagne” method would be a better way to go. Many layers of thick, but flat uniform pasta should/would be better.

Well, that was a bad mistake.

Just as I was making the Bechamel Sauce, and 5 minutes before the dinner guests arrived, I was still trying some weird coding solution on my laptop, I reached over to grab my mouse (with glass of wine in hand) and accidentally hit the saucepan handle, and it fell to the floor.

Disaster… Bechamel Sauce everywhere!.. What a mess!!

I had a choice - refactor the software, or… I mean re-make the Bechamel Sauce or scrape it up off the floor before my dinner guests arrived. I decided to scrape it off the floor (mind you, with a really nice very clean spatula) then apply it to the lasagne base, chuck in the oven, and hopefully no harm done.

Probably one of the best Lasagne I’ve ever made, and therefore lies my confusion.

Part way into the meal, someone screamed out “there’s a cockroach in the Bechamel Sauce”!!! . . . . seemingly to somehow blame me for why it was there!.. Really? some people have no idea at all. Utterly absurd.

Anyway, It’s difficult to work out exactly what happened next - lots of people running, screaming for the door, people shouting disrespectful comments . . . and me screaming, reassuringly… Guys…, NO NO NO Nooooo…, “It’s NOT a bug, It’s a feature.”

Needless to say, No one understood my point of view and dinner parties at Steve Kelepouris’s house are off the menu.

Still, I reckon, surely there was some coding issue that is to blame for this whole incident.


If some fate should make me your dinner guest in the future, I hope I’ll remember to bring my own food. :smiley:

Yep :slight_smile:

But once you cook out the flour and butter, it can be very nice,

I mean, who wants that raw flour taste anyway? Yuk.

… just as certain as this is just a convenience method to skip long and dull authentication procedures:

Next time try with Ravioli (’<

If my server ever attacked me, I would sue, and get my Lasagne for free :slight_smile:

So does object-oriented programming equate to ravioli (little packets with the meat inside)?

Exactly. Sometimes, these meatballs have legs …

Nothing to fear. I am vegetarian. Sometimes, though, the salad might have spots with legs :smiley: