SpaceX Crew Demo-2 Launch

T-11 Minutes

Always impressive.
Especially all the programming to make the rockets land.

Awesome. Finally a spaceship interior that doesn’t look like WWII naval tech. And yes, reusability is key!

Incredible. Now queue all the flat earth idiots making excuses for how it’s faked.

Sorry people but it is all fake and full of CGI. The ISS is a big satellite with huge lamps on it. The SpaceX like Apollo and other rockets are just scale models. And yes, the Earth is flat, I can clearly see that when I am sitting in an aeroplane on my way to Botswana. When you fly over the Indian ocean you can clearly see the edge of our planet where the water runs into space.

Wow, my fantasy takes the best of myself today. I am happy that everything was going smoothly and that it was a success.

Nah! If the Earth was flat the cats would have pushed everything off the edge by now. :wink:

Don’t insult them!!!

I am seriously thinking on becoming a flat earter promoter on youtube, Ufo, Conspiranoic…

This days its really lucrative to tell idiots what they have to believe (anything that dont requiere much thinking)

But let us go back to the time period, people still believed the Earth was flat. If you were a sailor and had to explore the oceans, would that not be a trilled experience, not knowing when you are gonna fall off. Or expecting the moment you are gonna fall off?

There is an episode of Wicky The Viking, where they row to the end of the ocean where the water was running off. After all those years, I still can remember that episode. Nice memories.

It was allso a great business. They were paid for the expeditions, take the money, have great vacations, and returned with histories of monsters, the edge of the world and how barely they survvied, you know, just to avoid anyone checkin the history :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=490766:@Emile Schwarz]The ocean waters falls (somewhere) ?
Why is still some water in the oceans ?[/quote]

there is an ice wall, so, no water falls.

just like that, in a circle inside the ice walls

They are part of the guardian countries that protect and hide the ice wall, alogside Chile and South Africa. And guess who whas chosen by South Africa to take over NASA to keep the ball earth lie going???


Anyway, the successful SpaceX mission this weekend put the space program back on track. After all the negative news, it is nice to hear positive news too.

it might also have been good etiquette to thank the Russian scientific community for keeping the american space program going, the world does not stop, nor revolve around the North American rock, the achievement of SpaceX is amazing, 1 ship in space, lets see how it goes with the next 6.

Lets not forget the space station is INTERNATIONAL it is not a single flag project, nor achievement!

All the people involved are completely amazing, I hope the downhill trip is just as straightforward, for both crews onboard.

A great day for all the word I think, real positive news as Chris says.

It looked so high-tech, I think they’ve saved some money by using Tesla displays though!

Docking looked so easy, perhaps not.

[quote=490836:@Paul Budd]Docking looked so easy, perhaps not.[/quote]

that is difficult