Sound Generator?

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I need to generate some software-created tones. Sound won’t work because i need to change pitch at run-time. NotePlayer won’t work because I can’t be constrained by conventional note steps or half steps. I need to specify one tone, at, lets say, 1000Hz and a second at, for example, 1001Hz, to demonstrate a particular physical phenomenon. The tones do not need (and should not have) any “color”; sine waves (with no particular attack or decay) are really what is needed. MacOS is top priority with Windows being “nice to have”.

How can I do this?

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Jim Wagner
Oregon Research Electronics

is REALbasic Sinewave Generator (for OSX)

it’s old, maybe you can try it.

Thanks. Hope Xojo will open RB5.5 file.

Oops, it hangs when I start it (in current Xojo), it crashes at

// start playing sound through the device
err = AudioDeviceStart(device.ptr(0), (AddressOf wavePlayerCallback) )
DebugErr “AudioDeviceStart err=”+format(err,"#")

I do have multiple versions of RB to back before 5.5 so I will try some older versions to see whether success is possible. This is an area that I know absolutely nothing.


A while back I was doing a tone generator/player to compose some SELCAL tones for testing. I used the following references to create “on-the-fly” tones.

In the end I only needed a fixed number of tones and ran into issues with Xojo’s implementation of volume control in Windows (only in WIndows mind you) is broke (let’s say incomplete - it has been like that since like forever - see post). So I opted to create the specific files I needed, package them, and play with the right delays, and combinations (i.e. I did not go the route of “on-the-fly” tone generation).

But like I said above, using the links above I was able to create “on-the-fly” tones. I can’t share the final application for SELCAL, but I have a small test application for generating WAV tones if you’re interested.

Creating a PCM/Wave file and then playing it is fairly easy.
But because of the ‘change pitch at run-time’ -requirement, that’s not what you want right?

edit: See:

Thats my sense. HOWEVER, as I now think about it, maybe I could use several wav files - one higher pitched, one lower pitched, one as a combination. Then, just play the appropriate one. In the end, that may be easier.

Langue - how could I get a copy of your WAV generator?


In the link I posted above, Will Shank posted all source.

The test program I have is found here:

EDIT: +1 for Will Shank’s post. I used that for one of the methods in the program.

I think with MBS Plugins comes an example for PortAudio which has a tone generator.

you make a sin curve for the frequency and play it to the speaker.

[quote=248351:@LangueR]The test program I have is found here:

EDIT: +1 for Will Shank’s post. I used that for one of the methods in the program.[/quote]

Now we have tones, time for a hearing test.

Download Project File

Thanks, everyone. I think there is enough information to work from. I did not associate that link with “Will Shank” but finally found it.

And, Langue, I will try your test program. Yes, that works very nicely. That deals nicely with the wav file header. Like it.

Again, thanks for all the help.

Jim Wagner
Oregon Research Electronics