Sortable web Listbox with modifiable column widths

I’m new to Xojo but have extensive experience in software development for desktop apps. I’m now developing my first web app and have a few questions. My app is essentially a database web app. I want to load my data into a web Listbox and have the user click on the column headers to sort the Listbox by whichever column they need. Furthermore, I want them to be able to change the column widths as needed. From what I’ve read on this forum, I know this is all doable by extending the Xojo Listbox object and wrting custom code.

However all the posts I’ve found on this subject are quite dated and I’m wondering if Xojo hasn’t implemented this functionality directly into the Listbox object by now. And if that’s not the case, I’m wondering if you could suggest some 3rd party objects that do this already. I’m new to Xojo, so I’m sure someone else has implemented this and has done a much better job than I would since I’m new to the Xojo environment. Thank you for any suggestions you might provide.

You may want to look into GraffitiWebGrid

I’ve seen this website but I can’t seem to view their demo… which didn’t inspire confidence in their product… I’m using Chrome and when I click the demo button, nothing happens

Anthony Cyphers who created graffitiSuite is a remarkable programmer, and his service is outstanding.

But apparently, the certificate for the site where his demo is hosted ran out.

It works here :

Yes, the SSL certificate is a test cert because I’ve been working on improvements to the hosted demo. I’ll be fixing that tonight. In the meantime the link Michel provided will get you access to the demo for those products that don’t require HTTPS.

Very nice! It does everything a web listbox should do!

I’m also considering using ActiveRecord to encapsulate my database layer. Will GraffitiSuite objects work well with AR? Do I even need AR or are the GraffitiSuite objects database aware?

GraffitiWebGrid doesn’t care what database software/schema/objects you use on the backend. It uses Dictionaries for rows, so you can convert your recordsets 1:1 to dictionaries and supply them via AddRow.

Can I take advantage of your expertise for a moment… I know there’s always a good way and not so good way when we code. I’m a bit rusty, having taken a long sabbatical to raise the kids :wink: My web app is mostly database driven with not too many business rules. Is ActiveRecord the way to go for my database layer or is there a better way to go?

Unfortunately that’s not a question I can easily answer. Most of my database work uses the good old RecordSet with SQLExecute to either SQLlite or MySQL.

Let’s ask @Bob Keeney

Anthony, do you have a web toolbar button object?

GraffitiSuite contains GraffitiWebSegmentButton which could, more or less, be used in a similar manner, but I normally build a toolbar using GraffitiWebButtons, or use GraffitiWebSideBar to take the place of a primary application toolbar…