Sort the Navigator?

Does the project navigator only support manual drag-n-drop ordering? In Real Studio you could optionally sort the project’s content list by name, which made larger projects easier to navigate. So now my main project opens as a large random list. Am I missing something simple?

It does not sort by name
Manually relocating items is it

I highly recommend using high level folders to put everything in broad categories. We tend to use:

BKS (our classes and stuff)
Others (3rd party stuff)

Seems like an odd oversight. What’s the purpose of a “navigator” that does not have a sort option? Why not a simple right-click menu item to sort, or a command in the View or Insert menu?

Yes I use folders, but the contents of those folders are also un-sorted…

Not necessarily an oversight
Given time, engineers available, deadlines there are some “nice to haves” that were not considered “must haves”
I think there’s already a feature request for this but I dont know the # off the top of my head

I’ll look for the request in Feedback, but seems like such a core option to miss. I mean take the Finder… It’s a “navigator” that’s been sorting lists forever. :wink:

I found the request, and while I’m able to see it, it’s not public (only viewable by beta testers etc.) and I think it should be public now. Also when I added it to “My Top Cases”, no points were awarded (it still shows “Points: N/A Rank 0th”).

25482 - Xojo: The project Contents list is unsorted and unsortable