Sort listbox column by date

In API 1, I would sort a listbox column by date by storing the SQLDate of the date in a celltag then use the CompareRows event to do the sort. With the CompareRows event gone now, do I have to use an invisible column instead of a celltag to store the SQLDate?

CompareRows is now called RowComparison

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It is possible to create an invisible column whith this data:

Var d1 As DateTime = DateTime.Now

Var seconds As Double = d1.SecondsFrom1970

var cell_Str = format ( seconds , “00000000000000” )

Also you sort whith this invisible column


How do you populate the listbox? In my case, I load it from SQLite, so whenever a header is clicked to sort by that column, I just reload the listbox and get SQLite to do the sorting by adding the appropriate ORDER BY.

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I am curious - did you make a speed comparison to the RowComparison event?

No, but even with 20,000 records it takes less than a second.