Sorry, yet another problem on Windows


I have an application that I have developed on my Mac, and then transferred the file to my Windows 7 which is running on a Parallels Virtual partition. It works just as well there as on the Mac. There are two windows that I am concerned about, mostly missing controls.

The four images below show my problem. The first two are screenshots from my Windows 7 version on my own computer.

The last two are screenshots from another computer running Windows 8.1. I created the Build on my Macs Virtual Windows machine, and also created the InnoSetup installer on the same machine. Then I installed it on the Windows 8.1 computer.

The second two screenshots show the problem (if compared with the first two). At the bottom of both of the second screenshots you will see missing buttons. I just have no idea what can be wrong, and how to fix the problem.

You have broken links to your images Cliff.

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Sorry, can’t edit my previous post.

In each case, look at the bottom of the screen shots, that’s where the missing buttons are.

It looks to me like the second set of images are from a screen with smaller resolution and the controls at the bottom aren’t on the visible area. Try locking the controls to the bottom rather than the top & see where they turn up. You should probably lock one of your listboxes to the bottom & top to make things fit.

Oh golly. I have never quite understood the locking business, therefore I never change the default :frowning:

So, you are saying on the window with the two listboxes on, I lock, say the top one, to the top and the bottom. And the other window (with just one listbox) I should just lock it to the bottom. Does that mean unlocking the top, as that is locked by default?

If you lock a list box to the top & bottom it’s size will change to suit the window. If you lock the buttons at the bottom to the bottom only they’ll stay relative to the bottom. This is a really cool technique to get the best use of screen space. Don’t lock the bottom buttons to the top & bottom though - you’ll see the problem.

Have a play CPU cycles are cheap these days.

Thanks Wayne. I will give that a try and see how I get on. I guess it is good to have problems like these, it aids the learning process.

With every project I undertake I learn something new and these forums are a great place to both help out & get some help.

I’m glad to be able to “pay back”.


Well, you really are a Wizard. It worked (not that I doubted it would!). I hope the days comes soon when I might be able to pay something back as well. Between this Forum and the Webinars I am learning more about Xojo and programming in general than I ever have in any other way.

Xojo ROCKS!!

Thanks again Wayne.