Sorry - just testing uploading an image

Just opened an account.

This is using the “Direct Link” code option from imgur, surrounded by img tags in this forum window - it should show an embedded image:

And it does - works nicely :slight_smile:

Athough . . . the image could be better quality - it looks slightly pixellated. It doesn’t look as sharp as the original.
Ok, so I’ve changed settings in imgur to “upload images in high quality” try again . . .

Hmmm . . . do difference.

Right then - perhaps “upload images in high quality” must mean when uploading TO imgur… test…

Nup!! the same. Ok, so they were JPEGs - I’ll try a PNG file. BUT firstly try a cropped from the sides version . . .

Well well well, isn’t that a lot better? It appears that this forum software is reducing the size of the image within the window, but only if over a certain amount of pixels wide (around 750px?). I’ve also noticed that if I reduce the size of my browser window the original images will reduce in size (I guess this is what you want). However the cropped image retains its resolution and size.

That’s in FireFox anyway - it may be browser dependent.

Same image reduced to 720px (using PhotoShop ‘Bicubic Sharper’):

I think it’s ‘slightly’ clearer in this original ? (much the same anyway)

And FINALLY this one was cropped to 800px wide:

That’s significantly clearer and displays as it should. This is at a native resolution of 72 pixels per inch.

If anyone has had the will to read through this little episode (and I can assure you it’s been a lot harder for me :)) then there’s a few things to consider:

    * The Xojo forum software will reduce the size of an inserted image if over approx. 800 pixels. (seen in FireFox) * When reducing an image in PhotoShop, use Bicubic Sharper. * Be aware of issues with imgur

Regarding imgur: As you could imagine, I’ve had various names for images posted in this thread that pretty much look exactly the same. So reading the Filename is important. You can only see the full name if you click on the one you think it is (not good). To make it even worse, after uploading a few images, the ‘direct link’ code kept reverting back to the last image code. I only noticed this after about three goes at it and finally saw the code change.

The solution was to close imgur and open up the page again - perhaps a cache issue? In any case I’ll still be using imgur to upload to this forum, I’ve found it easier to use than DropBox but now at least I’m aware of potential issues. Also, it was worthwhile investigating how images represent themselves in this forum

Anyway, time to get back to sorting out the REAL issues, ie. my software :slight_smile:

Usually images are used on this forum to visualize problems/ideas.
The quality doesn’t really matter.
As long as the picture clearly shows the problem/idea the quality isn’t an issue.
To me all the pictures you’ve added above are fine. :wink:

Thanks Paul, your viewpoint is a great way to look at it.

I’m from a “paper printing” background. So I can’t help but look at things (images) with a “Critical Eye” in that they should be clear and pixel perfect. I also enjoy photography, and on most of those forums if you post a large image, then scroll bars allow the user to pan.

So, fair enough and accepted that this forum is more about the coding side and nothing to do with the images posted within this forum.

Nevertheless, for those reasons and perhaps others I don’t understand, I just HAD to go through this little process. I’ve learned from it, but time to move on.

Something to note… if you want to do an experiment like this and not share it with the world, you can always click the preview checkbox in the upper right corner of the editor and use save draft instead of post.

You can also create a private message to yourself.

If you want to show an image “picture perfect”. You can also post as link to a higher resolution document.

Also, if you think an image is scaled down you can context-click the image and select “Open Image In New Tab”. (assuming this is a standard browser feature)

In my browser your first image measures 797 pixels/points across, maybe that’s a fixed max display size.

It’s all good. I just wanted to find the “easiest” way to post images on this forum (quality issues accepted).

It has nothing to do with the quality of Images, I was just testing in order to determine what the posted images would look like.

This post was always a prerequisite to this following post:

Advice and ideas much appreciated.

btw. Thank Michel, I did look at the “link” option but couldn’t work it out.

Just paste the URL, then.