Sometimes an IDE tab with a webcontainer gets locked?

Hi folks,

can’t isolate the problem, but when working with a webcontainer, in an IDE tab, the tab gets locked.
I can’t edit any text anymore in that tab. the other tabs work fine
I have to close the project and reopen it to gets editing back.
closing only the tab has no effect.

it’s always after running the webapp in debug, closing it to make some changes and can’t edit it.

does anyone notice the same ?
last xojo version and web 2.


I work on the same project for some months on web 2.
really it’s only when I’m coding the webcontainercontrols that I get this lock.
all other projects components are ok.

I’m still on this project, and I’m working a lot on this webcontainer now. adding methods and events.
it is a header for a listbox, containing buttons to add edit or delete records, and a searchfield.
almost every 2 runs, the webcontainer file gets locked ? I have to close and reopen the project to get it back. nothing else seems to unlock editing in the container.
I can even save the project, it is dirty, and it is not shown in the red dot of the window !

if I select some text in the methods of the container, it is of a grey color…

Capture d’écran 2021-11-01 à 22.47.03

the other items in the project are all normally editable.
only this webcontainer. only when I’m working on it…

more strange. the layout part of the webcontainer is not locked !
althougth all other parts of it are locked…

and of course if I try to replicate this in a small project it’s not failing !..

and then… the infamous “this item does not exists” !

VNSWebListboxHeader.BtnAdd.Name Layout (property name)
This item does not exist

can webcontainer accept websdkcontrols in them ???

how are these colors even possible ???

Capture d’écran 2021-11-03 à 12.29.01

making the project item internal again makes it become editable again.
would like a permanent solution !..

I’m curious… where was that external file located, relative to the project?


I did not make the item external again, so I don’t know if it is the reason for such bad behavior
but I will try once I made main of the modifications I need for now…
it is not needed as external actually, but it will be in a next project.

Yeah, but is it on a local or is it on a remote drive?

same local ssd drive, only in another folder (where I have all my external items)

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