Some VM Help

I have been using VMWare for my Windows testing (I use a Mac) and wanted to run Xojo under VM in Windows. I downloaded the latest Xojo Windows installer and ran it in VM. It installed fine and runs fine as well.

I then attempted to copy my plugins to the plugins folder in the Windows Program Files folder. It refused to copy saying that I did not have permission to copy the files. I clicked on the ‘Copy As Administrator’ button and it still failed.

I uninstalled Xojo and reinstalled it to a different folder (not in Program Files). The install failed as it said, again, that I did not have permission to install there.

Can anybody advise me why I cannot access the Program Files folder/sub-folders to copy files and how I get around this.

As I use a number of plugins I cannot use Xojo in my Windows environment until I can copy the plugins to the correct folder.

Thanks in advance.


You may need to take ownership of the folder.

I’m not sure. I have no trouble modifying the Plugins folder on my Win 10 x64 VM in VMware Fusion, but my account is set up as an Administrator.

You might also try using the Remote Debugger if you just need to test on Windows and do not need to actually develop from it.