Some simple IDE enhancements

Many people complain over the IDE, and rightfully do so.

It may be a lot of work to fix what is needed but…

Xojo could take small steps to fix the smaller annoyances that might be smaller work to do but yet make your users frustrated every day.

For example:

  1. Why can I not duplicate a item if it is external ? I mean I can do it by: 1. Make Internal, 2. Duplicate, 3. Make external. -> Xojo could easily do this for us, even if just doing the same steps.

  2. If I copy a method, then why can I not paste it if I click on Methods or Method (where it is logical that I want to paste ?), instead I have to click exactly on the class and Paste there, why can I not paste it when I have anything under the class selected ?

  3. Why can I not type in name of interface like I can type in name of super class ? The list does get endless long and I have no wish to spend my time looking for what I need when I can type it much faster.

There are more things like this that are smaller things to fix than to go and re-work the whole IDE but tackling them would get rid of many of the day to day annoyances.

I can give a partial answer to this one. It’s because there is no object associated with the row. I don’t know why Xojo changed that, I just know they did. If you go back to 2013r1, the headers did act as if the top level object was selected, so things like paste and the add menu worked.

Would you not then in code climb up the tree until you reach something that has association, that is what most of us would do in our own applications…

“Some simple IDE enhancements” - apart from the known issues, I can live with the IDE as is now. Improvements and changes sometimes result in some collateral damage which can make it even worse, as we’ve seen in the past. Especially for Windows, I beg the team to go for stability and performance first.