Some New Questions (& Ideas...Maybe)

I’ve wanted to ask a quest along these line for weeks:

  1. Does anyone have an optimization guide or at least a tip list? Is this info somewhere in the User Guide or any books and I missed it?
  2. Although I’ve seen bit and pieces of examples, but to using them and I still can’t get Arrays passed as Properties to Controls to work. Any good Examples?
  3. Is there any way of creating a watch on a specific public property, even breaking with the value is changed? It would make debugging easier!
  4. What about adding Break Points to the editor so the the user can easily toggle between 2 places in the code (like Alt+1 to set it and Ctrl+1 to jump to it)
  5. The current editor seems to have spacing problems when running on large screens (1920x1200). Spaces don’t line up with the cursor.
  6. What’s the best way of code and displaying an elapsed time the displays “yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss am” ?
  7. The Titles on Group Boxes don’t seem to follow strict rules on their background colors. The controls needs a Background color prop or a Transparency
  8. Their are issues with the Ctlr+C in Windows no properly Copying the text to the Clipboard. Using the mouse always work and then the Ctrl+V always works.

This forum seems to be one of the best user supported around and has helped me get up and running with RealBASIC and now with XOJO. Many thanks in advance for any feed back.

[quote=97668:@Doug Gamble]I’ve wanted to ask a quest along these line for weeks:

(I’d have some optimization tips for communication with an ex-wife…)

Or maybe something like this:

But maybe you were looking for something else?

In general I subclass controls and then I add methods, computed properties and/or constructor parameters to the subclass. An array can be passed to those like any other variable.

Convert a property to a computed property then you can set breakpoints in the getter or setter methods.

You may want to experiment with other fonts. I use Adobe Source Code Pro. To change font, go to Xojo Preferences, Coding.


Known bug, Xojo is aware of it. Try keeping the Find/Error pane close that helps a lot when using the Control key shortcuts.

+1 for this.

It might be better to call it bookmarks instead of breakpoints (since breakpoints refers to stopping execution during runtime), if I understand your request correctly.

Notepad++ does an exceptional good job of bookmarks. You simply click in the gutter next to a code line to set a bookmark, and then you can easily jump between bookmarks using F2.

Currently the gutter is used to set/reset breakpoints, but perhaps a second gutter could eventually be added to set/reset bookmarks if there is enough support for such a feature request.

They tore bookmarks out from Real Studio when it became Xojo. Never understood that, never got a straight answer, and most IDEs have bookmarks. Makes zero sense to me.

I’ve created a ticket for a bookmark mecahnism…


Thanks, and I just threw 60 Feedback points at it, maybe it will get some attention. I am betting that they could do both the breakpoints and the bookmarks in the same gutter. Maybe Blue squares for bookmarks that still show if a break point is on the same line. I fear if they have to add a second gutter that the request would not get done because of the amount of change. Although vertical space is what they are short on, not horizontal.
Doug…care to lay some feedback point on this, you suggested it earlier in the thread (thanks for creating, Alwyn).

I’ve updated the case with the suggestion that perhaps the same gutter should be used.

Thanks for the points, I also threw some points at the request :wink:


Bookmarks are a feature in just about every development editor I’ve worked in and see it in add-on and objects made to go in programs as word processors that are designed for the programming market (Codemax, Scintilla) and they have bookmarks. It would make for a great marketing point.

Also thanks for all the other tips and fast replies!

[quote=97676:@Alwyn Bester]I’ve updated the case with the suggestion that perhaps the same gutter should be used.

Thanks for the points, I also threw some points at the request ;-)[/quote]

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Good news, the status of <> changed from Reviewed to Implemented :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to use this feature…

Great news!!